The Internet offers fantastic opportunities for young people to learn, create and socialise. However, you must recognise you need to act responsibly and respectfully when online in a virtual world.  As responsible digital students you should understand the difference between the online world and real world with regard to your safety. For example, you would not walk up to a stranger and hand them a photo of yourself and your personal details such as name and address. In the same way you should protect your identity online.

In your Online Safety lessons you are taught about the risks online and what to do if you have a concern.  Besides Online Safety lessons in order to equip you we have our Digital Student Rules poster in every learning area, Responsible Use Policy which you sign when you start at St Thomas’ and a range of helpful websites and YouTube clips below. 

To help you understand and know how to stay safe you will see the Digital Student Rules in every classroom at St Thomas’:

Digital Rules



















What should I do if I am worried about something online in school?

Tell a teacher.

What should I do if I am worried about something online at home?

Tell a responsible adult such as a parent or carer.

Who else can I report online abuse to? CEOP.

Click the button below for CEOP.

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Sexting – Get The Facts

Sexting handbook

Facebook Privacy Settings

How to protect personal data on Facebook


What you will learn in your Online Safety Lessons






Useful Websites


Fortnite Guidance