At St Thomas’s Centre we want all staff to be aware of online safety issues which can affect them. Staff can become the target of online bullying and have social media accounts targeted.  Staff must also be aware of professional responsibilities when sharing information online and take into consideration online reputations and digital footprints.

As leaders and role models, St Thomas’s Centre staff must consistently promote online safety messages not only through the Curriculum but also through modelling the behaviour we wish to see in our students.  In order to help staff in addition to CPD training, below there is a range of useful resources and links to various helpful websites.


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Online Safety  Magazine  Data Protection Policy St Thomas’s Online Safety Policy Report Online Abuse (CEOP) UK Safer Internet for Teachers & Professionals
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Training & Resources

There have been safeguarding issues locally with young people on the following live streaming apps Go Live/OK Live. Please see the information below from UK safer Internet and How to conduct your own Risk Assessment for advice on how to keep young people safe.

UK Safer Internet Centre info

Credit to CEOP educational team


How to protect personal data on Facebook

Social Networking: A guide for Trainee Teachers and NQT’s

NUT e-safety protecting school staff

Digital Literacy Curriculum Overview

Outcome 21 – Youth Produced Sexual Imagery (SEXTING)

E-Safety FAQ

Keeping Teachers Safe Online

Useful Websites

Lancashire Online Safeguarding Website

Fortnite Guidance


Spotting the signs of Radicalisation