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Values and Ethos

St Thomas’s Centre is a happy and safe environment for all its pupils. Visitors to the school comment on the welcoming atmosphere and external agencies who work closely with the school enjoy working in this environment.

It is our expectation that:

“Every pupil succeeds. No exceptions. No excuses.”

Staff always go the extra mile and are totally committed to achieving the schools mission statement.

We are very proud of our most recent OFSTED inspection which recognised the school was good in all 4 areas of the OFSTED framework.

“St Thomas’s Centre is a good school.” Ofsted November 2013

Inspectors reported:

All groups of pupils in school make good progress from their individual starting points”.

Pupils told inspectors about their improved aspirations since attending St Thomas’s and many pupils successfully progress on to further education or training when they leave”.

“Teaching across the school promotes equal opportunities and good learning in all subjects, whether their ability or ethnicity. Teachers use the excellent learning environment well and ensure there are opportunities in all subjects for pupils to develop their key skills

Teachers work in highly effective partnership with the support staff to engage, enthuse and direct pupils to make correct choices”.

St Thomas’s provides a safe and purposeful learning environment where positive attitudes and good behaviour are expected. Staff are highly skilled in managing behaviour. They establish positive relationships and help pupils to manage their own behavioural difficulties”.

Compared with their attendance records in previous mainstream schools, attendance at St Thomas’s improves significantly”.

Leaders ensure good opportunity within the curriculum is underpinned by the principle that every pupil makes the maximum personal and academic progress. The curriculum also ensures there is a good provision for pupil’s emotional development alongside good spiritual, moral, social and cultural provision

Parents commented:

St Thomas’s has had a massive impact and my son now enjoys coming to school”.

Behaviour is managed exceptionally well”.

Parents speak highly of the range of activities offered by the school in meeting the needs of their children and helping them to support their child’s learning”.

St. Thomas’s Centre will:

Prepare pupils for reintegration into future educational establishments where appropriate.
Prepare pupils for adult life and a place in society.
Ensure good order within the Centre.
Raise pupils’ self-esteem.
Develop good relationships within the Centre.
Encourage pupils to develop a sense of personal responsibility through self discipline and challenge.
Encourage pupils to develop a sense of “self” and give them the courage to be themselves.
Encourage pupils to accept and understand other people, including those in authority.

All staff working in St. Thomas’s Centre will encourage pupils to:

Attend regularly and on time.
Be patient, polite and considerate of others.
Be respectful towards other people’s property.
Be respectful to each other, the staff, Centre and its equipment.
Remove all outdoor clothing, including headgear, gloves and scarves on entering the building.
Wear St. Thomas’s Centre sweatshirts.
Switch off mobile phones and other electronic devises and hand to staff at the beginning of the day for secure keeping.