St Thomas’s Centre is a dual campus provision that works with pupils aged between five years to sixteen years. Blackburn Campus caters for the KS4 pupils, whilst Darwen Campus caters for KS1, KS2, KS3 pupils.

St Thomas’s Centre works with young people who are experiencing difficulties in mainstream settings due to medical needs. St Thomas’s Centre provides education through Blackburn hospital classroom and outreach via home education, for students with medical needs. All referrals are via the medical profession.

St Thomas’s Centre also caters for secondary age students who are experiencing difficulties in mainstream school due to social, emotional and behavioural needs. All referrals are via the young person’s home school or directly from the Local Authority. Places are on a dual registration or single registration basis. Registration will depend on the young person’s individual need.

St Thomas’s is also the LA registered school for pregnant school girls or young mothers.

Ofsted November 2013

  • The Centre caters for pupils who are unable to attend school because of short-term medical needs, identified mental health needs, permanent or fixed-term exclusion from mainstream schools, or who are pregnant teenagers or young mothers. Many have been persistent nonattenders at their previous schools.
  • The number of pupils on roll fluctuates throughout the year and on a daily basis because the centre admits pupils who are on fixed-term exclusions from mainstream schools.


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Pupil safeguarding risk assesment

Pupil generic risk-Assessment

Pupil information request for a Placement at St Thomas’s Centre

Behaviour baseline Assesment

Protocols for referring pupils with statements/IPRAs/EHC Plans

Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire


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